Woodharbor Cabinets

Woodharbor crafts beautiful cabinetry carefully and expertly by hand, especially for your home. Colorado Kitchen Gallery in Denver offers Woodharbor’s three cabinetry lines, Woodharbor Custom cabinets, CastPointe cabinets and Rockglen cabinets offer a wide variety of door styles, woods and finishes.

Raised Panel Woodharbor’s collection of raised panel door styles are offered in a wide variety of woods and stains that can create that one-of-a-kind look for your home. Flat Panel Woodharbor offers a broad array of flat panel door selections as simple as a shaker style to a highly detailed applied molding mitered door style. Woodharbor’s frame doors are a perfect compliment for all available door style choices allowing for a variety of panel inserts to be utilized.

Woodharbor Cabinetry Warranty
Woodharbor, Inc. provides to the original homeowner purchaser, a 100 Year Cabinetry Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials subject to the exclusions and limitations noted below. This warranty applies only to the original homeowner purchaser for as long as they own and reside in the residential structure in which the cabinetry was originally installed. The Woodharbor warranty is non-transferable.

The Woodharbor 100 Year warranty (subject to the terms and conditions, exclusions, limitations and disclaimers noted below) covers all standard Woodharbor products and standard wood/finish combinations in the Woodharbor Cabinetry Catalog.

The Woodharbor 100 Year Warranty does not cover defects or damage that are not directly or primarily the result of Woodharbor’s design or construction. The warranty does not cover damage caused by others or beyond the control of Woodharbor including but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, alteration, mishandling, improper installation, improper storage, failure to provide reasonable/necessary maintenance or by fire, flood, earthquake, tornado or other acts of nature. Woodharbor is not liable for damages suffered due to delay/failure of delivery when causes are beyond Woodharbor’s control such as acts of nature, accidents, shortage of labor and/or raw materials, etc.

In addition, the following are excluded or limited in some way from the Woodharbor 100 Year Warranty;
* Any condition or appearance caused by failure to provide reasonable, regular and necessary maintenance of your cabinetry and it’s finish or to follow Woodharbor’s written guidelines for care and cleaning.
* Natural characteristics in the grain, texture and coloring of wood. Wood is a product of nature and will have certain natural characteristics and variances (see Catalog) that are not covered under the warranty.
* The color of the wood and finish may change during the lifetime of the product especially with certain wood species (cherry, pine, etc.) and with exposure to direct or indirect sunlight and other factors. The color change (mellowing) occurs in both the finish and the wood and is part of the natural ageing process and is not to be considered defect or damage.
* Woodharbor Cabinetry is not intended for exterior or commercial applications and cabinetry used for such applications is not covered under the warranty.
* Enamel finishes are warranted for one (1) year against defects in workmanship and materials excluding certain natural characteristics outlined in the Woodharbor Cabinetry Catalog. Due to the very nature of the finish, Enamels may show more noticeable wear and tear from normal residential use. Enamels will exhibit hairline expansion/contraction lines at joints (finish fractures) and any nicks, dents and rub-throughs from normal use will be more noticeable (especially on sharp edges and corners).
* The Woodharbor Warranty does not cover cabinetry that is shipped or installed outside the continental United States.
* Accessories, components or parts that are not manufactured by Woodharbor are not covered under the Woodharbor warranty but would be covered under their own manufacturer’s warranty. This may include but is not limited to decorative hardware, outsourced accessories, glass, etc. Hinges and drawer slides have a lifetime guarantee.
* The Woodharbor Warranty does not cover expansion defects and/or joint separations (most notably with mitered doors) that occur as a result of high humidity/high moisture conditions or exposure to extremes in humidity or temperature. When a claim for warpage/joint separation is submitted, Woodharbor may, at its option and after inspection, defer action for 12 months to allow the doors to acclimate to the environment.
* Woodharbor continuously seeks to refine/improve its product offerings and reserves the right to make changes in product design, construction, materials and specifications without prior notice. Woodharbor is not obligated to incorporate such changes in products previously produced and such changes would not qualify for a warranty claim.

If warranted products are found to contain defects covered under this limited warranty, Woodharbor may, at its sole option, either; (1) repair the individual cabinet(s) at no charge, (2) replace the individual cabinet(s) at no charge, or (3) refund the net purchase price of the individual cabinet(s) to the dealer. In no event shall Woodharbor pay for or be held liable for the cost of labor, installation and touch-up of the replacement products or the original products or for any other cost (indirect, consequential or incidental) related to the replacement of products, all of which would be the responsibility of the person making the claim.

If, upon receipt of a shipment, any product is found to have a defect which can be reasonably discovered upon inspection of the product (upon delivery, all products should have the packing removed and should be inspected for defects or damage – any defects or damage must be noted on the shipping documents before the driver leaves. If cabinetry must be stored, it should be covered and stored in a humidity/temperature controlled environment away from direct sunlight.) and prior to installation and within 30 days of the delivery date, must send written notice of the defect/damage to Woodharbor, Inc. If a defect is discovered after installation, written notice of the defect must be sent to your Woodharbor Cabinetry Dealer. For a claim to be honored, the claimant must provide information/evidence reasonably required by your Dealer or Woodharbor, and if requested, must permit inspection of the product at the premises. Buyer (dealer) or homeowner purchaser shall not return any goods to Woodharbor or begin repair until Woodharbor has been provided reasonable opportunity to inspect the goods at the premises. Woodharbor shall not be responsible for any products returned, repaired or replaced without prior written consent from Woodharbor, Inc.

Woodharbor expressly disclaims and excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. And Woodharbor neither assumes nor authorizes any other person (employee, representative, etc.) to assume or incur on behalf of Woodharbor any liability, obligation or responsibility in place of this warranty. The Buyer/Homeowner Purchaser hereby waives all other remedies, warranties, guarantees or liabilities (expressed or implied) arising by law or otherwise, including without limitation, actions for consequential, incidental or punitive damages of any kind.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion/limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.