SilestoneWhy Silestone? Through superior strength, incredible beauty and an unparalleled network of certified installers, Silestone with Microban delivered by Stone Systems of Orlando is rapidly becoming the choice for discerning consumers. Silestone is natural quartz. It is hard, dense and non-porous, making it perfectly suited for high-traffic areas in the home. As a revolutionary stone it delivers it all: versatility, reliability and consistency. The combination of beauty and durability makes Silestone the ideal surface for counter tops, vanity tops, flooring, walls, fireplace surrounds, showers, backsplashes, bathtub surrounds and more.

Naturally Beautiful : The quartz in Silestone is 100% natural, offering a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty. The natural quartz in Silestone delivers distinctive depth of color, brilliant clarity, glimmering radiance and a cool, solid feel unique to natural stone.

Always Reliable : Silestone natural quartz surfaces result from a tightly controlled process to ensure color consistency and ultimate durability every time. As a hard, dense and non-porous material that is consistent throughout its composition, it is more reliable than any other natural stone. To prove it, Silestone is backed by a limited, 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Extremely Versatile : Silestone can be used for virtually any indoor surface in kitchens, bathrooms and floors, including: countertops, island tops, vanities, tub and shower surrounds, backsplashes, walls, wet bars, tabletops, desktops, fireplace surrounds and more. Available in a wide array of dazzling colors, from conservative neutral hues, to daring bright colors, it may also be customized for surfacing applications in countless ways from infinite cuts (up to a whole slab of 4.5’ x 10’), to virtually unlimited edge designs.

Most Durable : The quartz in Silestone makes it naturally scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and scorch-resistant. Only three other natural minerals (diamond, sapphire and topaz) are harder than quartz. Quartz is a 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale (diamond is a 10) and has four times the flexural strength of granite, making it less susceptible to chipping and cracking during transportation and installation.

Maintenance-free : Because it is non-porous, Silestone does not need to be sealed. Granite, marble and limestone, on the other hand, must be sealed on installation and resealed regularly to prevent staining. Silestone is a maintenance-free star compared to solid surfaces that may require rigorous maintenance to clean up tough stains, scratches and scorch marks.

15 Year Limited Warranty : Cosentino, S.A. warrants to the original owners of installed Silestone quartz surfaces for a period of fifteen (15) years from the date of installation of the Silestone quartz surfaces in your residence that the Silestone material will be free from manufacturing defects. If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, Cosentino, S.A. will at its option, repair or replace the defective Silestone quartz surfaces.