Kitchen Design in 2013 – Modern Trumps Traditional

Modern Kitchen

A Modern Kitchen – Is One That You’re Meant To Live In

Hidden kitchen appliances will be a major design trend for 2013, says online retailer More unusual appliances that blend in with the rest of the kitchen – specifically ones fronted with the same wood or lacquered material as the cabinets.

The trend goes a step beyond the cabinet material camouflage and means an increased emphasis on small or odd shaped appliances, like under-counter or mini refrigerators, and other compact appliances. The goal is to provide more counter space and keep the kitchen at a seamless waist-high level -perfect for installing into a kitchen island.

Kitchen design continues to trend toward more modern styles and away from traditional, says

During 2012, traditional kitchen design was dethroned by the more-modern transitional style in the National Kitchen And Bath Association rankings, the first time ever in the history of the rating system, the retailer notes.

“There’s been a gradual but major upheaval in kitchen design in the last few years, and a major change in the way that designers look at the kitchen space,” according to

For 2013, kitchen design will employ simplified lines and big, open spaces made with gathering in mind.

Among other trends:

• All over lighting, a result of the popularity of LED lighting systems

• An increasing role for kitchen islands

• Glass back splashes. High gloss abounds everywhere, from cabinets to appliances, but nowhere is this more striking than in the rise of single-sheet, back-painted glass backsplashes

• Natural color schemes, including grays and greens, with bold accents and a variety of wood tones

• Eco-friendly materials, including bamboo floors and formaldehyde free MDF cabinets.

Kitchen Design for 2013? Modern Trumps Traditional

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